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2020 (Part 2)

June 2020

Never before seen photos from the recording studio!

Nik, Mrs Fiend, Yaxi & Richard Preston Today June 3rd 1985 - 35 years ago was the last day of recording what would become the ground breaking Maximum Security album at Alvic Studios in West London and the first Alien Sex Fiend album as a 3 piece.

Here are some previously unseen photos from those recording sessions.

At the start of the sessions we bought some "essential studio equipment" - new tea mugs!! - and some coloured light bulbs to enhance the lighting and atmosphere, but you can't see them in these pics.

Mrs Fiend remembers "I'm sure that the photo on the left was taken during the mixing of the track "In And Out Of My Mind" because I'd recorded an entire track of spacey wooshy sounds which we wanted to have moving across from the left speaker to the right speaker and back again during the song, and the only way to do it in those days was for someone to physically twiddle the 'pan control knob' as it's known in the trade! So I'm leaning across from the other side of the desk to reach it."

Crew and Alien Sex Fiend Nik Fiend and Mrs Fiend

May 2020

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Alien World News

May 2020

May 3rd 2020 marks the date

Death Trip CD


Death Trip Vinyl LP

Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Can you Adam and Eve It? (believe it) As of 3rd May 2020, the Death Trip album became 10 years old! Released on Alien Sex Fiend's own label, 13th Moon Records, and before the big resurgence of vinyl a few years later, Alien Sex Fiend took a chance and pressed a limited Vinyl LP (now sold out) as well as a CD version, each of the 666 limited pressing was hand-numbered by Nik Fiend. It was the first ASF vinyl to be issued in 12 years.


Did you know?
The nails in the top of the head image are REAL, Nik Fiend hammered them into his original painting!

more info on Death Trip

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May 2020

From the Death Trip album

As you're probably aware we've all been advised to "Wash Our Hands" for a minimum of 20 seconds as often as possible because it's one of the best ways to avoid catching the Coronavirus (Covid 19). We've just found out that 2 verses of our song "B.B.F.C" from the Death Trip album lasts for exactly 20 seconds! So sing "B.B.F.C." twice around - (see the pic of the lyrics here) - we reckon it's more fun than singing "Happy Birthday to you" or "God Save The Queen"!!!!

And you thought B.B.F.C. stood for the UK's British Board Of Film Classification???? Doh!

Did You Know? Nik Fiend plays the guitars on this track, while Mrs Fiend covers the drum department and keyboard bass line.

B.B.F.C. by Alien Sex Fiend

B.B.F.C. Illustrated Lyrics by Nik Fiend from the Death Trip artwork
(in CD booklet and Vinyl LP inner sleeve)

May 2020

Feeling down? Read this message from Nik Fiend
plus messages from other bands

 A while ago Nik Fiend was asked to contribute to an article "Notes To You : Bands Want You To Know You Are Not Alone".
As well as Alien Sex Fiend, over 32 other bands participated in this movement, sharing words of support or personal stories for everyone - including those who deal with mental health issues - with or without a pandemic.

We decided to post Nik's words here and a link to the full article (see below alongside the "You Are Not Alone" pic) in case you are finding things hard or tough going during these weird times.

Nik Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend

Nik Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend
Photo credit :

Nik Fiend writes :

As some of you might already know or have guessed from some of my lyrics in songs like "Isolation", "Stressed Out", "Buggin' Me" and many more, I've found life difficult at times myself. A long time ago I was put on very heavy medication, although it might help some people, it didn't work for me! and I can only tell you wot works for me - that is writing down my thoughts, sometimes those become lyrics, and doin' me music and art... If you ain't got a guitar or keyboard lying around, and if yer feelin' lost, down in the dumps or just at a loose end, pick up a pen / biro / crayon and doodle, and see wot appears?

OK, some of you are gonna say "I can't draw" - fuck that! You're comparing yourself to what's "acceptable" as "art", and putting up a barrier. Forget about anyone seeing it, you can keep it private. A woman once told me years ago, just get a bit of paper, some ink or paint, and if yer very moody just paint the whole page black!!! I've never looked back...

Alright not everyone's gonna be a classic artist - well as far as I'm concerned that's bin done to death anyway... whenever I start to paint I might have an idea in my mind, but my pictures come out how they want! The gloom you're carrying drains away through your hands... give yourself over to it.

Oh! I ain't got no paper or this, that or the other... well u must have a pen or a pencil! Draw in newspaper columns or any blank bit of paper, or make a collage of cut-outs, old photos, etc, etc., the main thing is to stop that downward spiral - stick some far out music on and paint / doodle away those blues...

Happy scribbling, stay safe! Nik Fiend

To read the full article please go to
"Bands Want You To Know You Are Not Alone"

With thanks to @gothhaus_la and to @mortibatz1334 on Instagram and @gothhaus1334 on Facebook for compiling the article and for use of the You Are Not Alone photo.

You Are Not Alone

April 2020

Strange songs for strange days
Available via Spotify and YouTube

We hope that you, your family and friends are staying safe and well during the world-wide virus crisis, and that you have been managing to cope with the lockdown.
These are strange days indeed.

Isolation artwork by Nik Fiend

Isolation artwork by Nik Fiend from 1987

Isolation - An Alien Sex Fiend playlist for lockdown - Strange songs for strange days

Here's the Alien Sex Fiend Isolation / Lockdown Playlist, compiled from suggestions by fiend followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We know that some people don't use Spotify so we've uploaded it to YouTube as well. We've kept it to songs connected to the virus / isolation / lockdown theme occurring all around the world either by song title eg Here Cum Germs / Isolation or because the lyrics are appropriate eg "You Can't See Me" from Invisible or "conspiracy theory" from Information Overload or the feeling of being stuck at home with My Brain Is In The Cupboard. Who knew Nik Fiend had written so many lyrics so pertinent to these times!!

Over 4 hours playing time with 48 tracks of fiendishness to delight yer lug 'oles - have a good trip!! Beware - contains dark humour!

Many thanks to all who contributed, Nik and Mrs Fiend xxx

Isolation Playlist on Spotify

Isolation Playlist on You Tube

Here's the full track list of the Isolation playlist :

1. In God We Trust In Cars You Rust?)
2. School's Out
3. Wish I Woz a Dog
4. Isolation
5. I Walk Alone
6. Invisible (The Beyond Mix)
7. Oops! Wrong Planet
8. Here Cum Germs (Vocal Mix)
9. She's A Killer
10. Seconds to Nowhere
11. It Lives Again (Live from "Too Much Acid?" album)
12. Intensify The Treatment
13. It's In My Blood
14. Attack!!!!!!#2
15. Manic Depression
16. Outta Control
17. Iím Doing Time in a Maximum Security Twilight Home
18. Nightmare Zone
19. Here Cum Germs (Ravi Mix #9)
20. Stress
21. Stressed Out
22. Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix)
23. Another Planet
24. In and Out of My Mind
25. Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied
26. Comatose (The Ultra Mix)
27. R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)
28. Dead And Buried
29. Carcass
30. Mine's Full Of Maggots
31. Land Of The Living Dead
32. Gotta Get Back
33. My Brain Is In The Cupboard (Above The Kitchen Sink)
34. Iím Not Mad
35. Evolution (Back From The Dread Pt 2 Mix)
36. Breakdown And Cry (Lay Down And Die - Goodbye)
37. Dance Of The Dead
38. You Are Soul
39. Believe It Or Not
40. Do You Sleep?
41. Fly in the Ointment
42. Information Overload (ReVamp Mix)
43. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)
44. Gotta Have It
45. The Impossible Mission (Mix 2)
46. 30 Second Coma
47. Boneshaker Baby
48. B.B.F.C.

April 2020

A Trip "Dahn Memory Lane"

Today 35 Years Ago - on 24th April 1985

We do a photo session with photographer Patrick Gilbert (R.I.P.) for what would become the covers of the "Maximum Security" album and the accompanying single "I'm Doing Time In A  Maximum Security Twilight Home".

Patrick arrived about 2pm and we'd had a "bit of a session" the night before so we'd only just surfaced (!) and were reluctant to go out on a "location shoot". We ended up doing the sesion in our flat with music n tea a go-go. Pat subsequently became a dear friend and this was just the first of many photos taken him over about a 10 year period.

Maximum Security

April 2020

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Nik and Mrs Fiend

June 2020

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