Alien Sex Fiend Singles - Re-Possessed E.P. (Digital)

Re-Possessed Digital E.P. by Alien Sex Fiend

Issued to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of
the launch of 2018's Possessed album.

6 tracks

All are previously
unreleased Alternate Mixes

13th Moon Records

Cherry Red Records

Re-Possessed Digital E.P.
original release

Track Listing
1. Re-Possessed Intro
2. Shit's Coming Down (Dodger Mix)
3. It's In My Blood (Dominatrix Mix)
4. Amnesia (Primal Mix)
5. Invisible (Prowler Mix)
6. Neutron (Demo)

Original release date - 8th November 2019
Released by 13th Moon Records via Cherry Red Records
(13th Moon is Alien Sex Fiend's own label)

Cat No : n/a

Alien Sex Fiend - Re-Possessed Digital E.P. Info :

Following their triumphant return with 2018's "Possessed" masterpiece, Alien Sex Fiend present six unsettling alternate takes from that album. From embryonic and primary cuts to Re-workings mixed in-house by Alien Sex Fiend, "Re-Possessed" follows a fine and long tradition of fiendish Re-interpretations, taking in mind-bending sound collages, bastard beats and scything guitars melded with dub-tinged electronic explorations, and always with the group's trademark chainsaw psychiatry outlook to the fore.

Still operating in a brilliant universe of their own creation, Alien Sex Fiend consistently disturb and challenge as they continue to blaze through their 4th decade.

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STUDIO ALBUM - Possessed - available on Double Vinyl LP / CD / digital

Above E.P. release is digital only, the original mixes appear on the Possessed album.
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